Field Notes


Color, Color Everywhere

From Indigo to Marigold to Scabiosa, there’s a wide spectrum of natural dyes that bring fabric to life with bountiful color

Rainbow of Fermentation

Explore unique and innovative ways of reducing waste, while creating delicious, nourishing pantry items

Summer Harvest Guide

With the longer days and warmer temperatures in full swing, our appetites are primed for the beautiful flavors of summer

Inspired by Abundance

The Print Lab is a space where creativity blossoms, collaboration abounds, and stories are shared

The Kids Are All RAD!

Building powerful connections between our young people and the land in our after-school program

Lineage of the Sacred Stalk

Join our founder, Evan Marks, on a journey to the land of Oaxaca, the sacred birth place of corn and squash

A Slice of Farm Flavor

Join us on the farm to enjoy a vibrant farm-to-table meal, just steps away from where most of the ingredients were grown

The Story of The Milpa

Since time immemorial, corn, beans, and squash have been cultivated together in our bioregion to nourish the community

How to Make Sourdough Pizza Crust With Chef Doug

Bring the flavors of Peace Pizza into your home with our beloved sourdough pizza crust recipe