Field Notes


Field Moments

With Evan and Farmer Johnny

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Seeking Harmony with the Land, The Ecology Center is a Laboratory for the Future

We were honored to sit down with with KCRW’s Good Food Podcast host Evan Kleiman on their newest episode of In The Weeds.

Summer Harvest Guide

A season of abundance, as the earth basks in the golden warmth of the sun, filling the air with the rich scents and vibrant hues of peak harvest.

Inspired by Abundance

The Print Lab is a space where creativity blossoms, collaboration abounds, and stories are shared

Green Feast 2023

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for co-creating magic. Our 15th Green Feast anniversery was a pure expression of harmony with one another and the land.

Lineage of the Sacred Stalk

Join our founder, Evan Marks, on a journey to the land of Oaxaca, the sacred birth place of corn and squash

A Slice of Farm Flavor

Join us on the farm to enjoy a vibrant farm-to-table meal, just steps away from where most of the ingredients were grown

The Story of The Milpa

Since time immemorial, corn, beans, and squash have been cultivated together in our bioregion to nourish the community

How to Make Sourdough Pizza Crust With Chef Doug

Bring the flavors of Peace Pizza into your home with our beloved sourdough pizza crust recipe