We are in business to shift culture. By curating ecological experiences for everyone, we provide creative yet achievable solutions for thriving on planet Earth. Join us on the farm as we work together to create an abundant future for all.

Rad! Traditions

Building powerful connections between our young people and the land.

Guided by our GROW EAT MAKE principles, this immersive after school program allows participants to explore the farm and embrace their creativity through fun and educational projects.

Eco Tots

Building powerful connections between our young people and the land.

Designed for children to explore the vibrant landscape of the farm, our creative GROW-EAT-MAKE playspace offers children the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with the community and the natural world.

A person kneels handing a potted plant to a toddler.
Two children attend to the soil on the farm.

Junior Farm Raised

Envision a playful community of young learners engaging with an environment curated specifically with their developmental journey in mind.

Happiness and health are the heart and soul of our Junior Farm Raised program designed for children ages 5 and 6 years old and participating parents.

Community Table

An edible conversation between a farm, a chef, and the community.

Join us for an intimate, family-style feast featuring thoughtful courses crafted from ingredients grown on our 28-acre Regenerative Organic™ farm.

Boy cutting flowers in the garden

Grow-Eat-Make Summer Camp

Join us on the farm for an immersive summer camp experience.

Grow-Eat-Make Summer Camps emphasize hands-on experiential learning opportunities and exploration of our working farm, culinary kitchen and children’s garden.


Our volunteer program brings members of the community to the farm every week, under a shared mission to support our staff and our mission.

From the field to the barn, this land provides many opportunities to lend a hand. There are ways to dig in all over our 28-acre regenerative farm and ecological nonprofit in San Juan Capistrano.

Apprenticeship Program

Training and equipping future farmers who aspire to change our local food system.

The Ecology Center is committed to training the next generation of farmers, chefs, and food system changemakers to lead our culture toward a future of abundance.

Farm Raised

Imagine that by creating a space for meaningful collaboration and creative problem-solving, a farm could become the classroom for the next generation.

Under the guidance of our village teachers, farmers, chefs, parents and artisans, children learn from the patterns of nature, the philosophy of regenerative agriculture, and the practices of our four seasonal crop rotations to instruct and illustrate foundational curriculum.


Slow down, be present, and build grounded, mindful connections with your little ones.

Inspired by the seasonal rhythms that guide our life here on the farm, this 12-week series of parent-child classes is designed to provide the ideal ecosystem to support our growing children.

Field Trips

Fostering a sense of connection between children and planet through first-hand farm experiences.

Grow – Eat – Make field trips are a wonderful way for children to get in touch with nature, fall in love with fresh, seasonal food, and engage in multi-sensory learning.

Two children one with a flower in their ear look on to fresh flowers in a field.

Nourishing Neighbors

Help us build a more equitable food future.

We create lasting change in behaviors toward food and agriculture, through a process of education, mentorship and enduring experiences.