A Slice of Farm Flavor

Chef Doug making pizza on the farm
Peace Pizza began as a practical and delicious way to use the produce from what was then a one-acre educational garden. However, it’s now a cornerstone of our Village life, with families and friends coming from across the region for a taste of whatever innovative combination of flavors might be on offer that week.

Each week’s feast starts at least two days ahead of time, when Chef Doug Settle and the culinary team begin preparing our one-of-a-kind sourdough starter to make our hand-stretched crusts. While the sourdough is being prepped, the culinary team collaborates with our field and retail teams to plan the week’s pizza ingredients. Between the exciting new flavors of the season and what we have in surplus from both farm and Farm Stand, each week’s menu is likely to include some deliciously unexpected offerings.

With the opening of Campesino Café, this beloved tradition will extend to five days a week, and with the bounty of our fall harvest, expect new ingredients on offer almost every day. Look for exciting combinations featuring pestos made from fresh arugula or basil, our favorite brassicas like broccoli and cauliflower, perennial herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme, and even sweet farm treats like citrus and berries.

“It’s a good way to experience different ingredients that come off the farm,” says Chef Doug, “and it’s pushed me to be much more creative in pairing flavors together. When I first came on, there were a lot of Tokyo turnips and apples…so the pizza was roasted turnips and apples, with little turnip greens as well. That came out incredible. Another I did was roasted escarole with spiced honey from the Farm Stand. Using a familiar favorite dish is a great way to introduce new and healthy flavors to people. The simplicity really lets them shine.”