What Does It Mean to Be Impactful

Field workers on the farm.
Thirteen years ago, we began stewarding this land with the goal of modeling creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.

With each year that passed, we witnessed the impact of a local community coming together around values for healthy ecology, well-nourished families, and a culture that gives more than it takes. Today, with 28 acres under regenerative organic cultivation, more than 40 educational and nourishment programs, and over 100,000 annual visitors and customers, we are still amazed by what happens when a community collaborates for change.

Worker digging out weeds with hoe.

The past 18 months have expanded our vision of what we can accomplish together—not in spite of the challenges, but because of them. Thanks to your time, financial support and participation, we have provided over 38,000 pounds of healthy food to neighbors facing food insecurity, served over 2,500 local children through our education programs, apprenticed 8 young farmers in regenerative organic agriculture, and formed new partnerships to help spread our ecological model throughout Southern California and beyond.

As a member of our Village, you are part of a conscious community of farmers, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, makers, visionaries, educators, and organizers throughout our bioregion. The following report offers a detailed look at how your contributions have been used to build an abundant future that the next generation will be proud to inherit.

Thank you for joining us in imagining a world where we give more than we take.

Let’s dig in.

Image of farm at dawn.

This feature is part of our year-end Impact Report, which will be released online as a series over the next few months. We can only have a transformative impact on the food system with your support, so please click here to make a donation and help us in our mission to build an abundant future.