Harvested Spirits: Nourishing Culinary Journeys and an Edible Conversation with Chef Paddy Glennon

I find cooking at the Ecology Center to be a culinary spiritual experience. From the positive vibes from the crew, to working with the purest of ingredients and live fire, makes for a very passionate cooking adventure each and every time. My journey always starts weeks ahead fermenting, curing and smoking of ingredients that become flavors within what is freshly harvested the day of the event or caught by local fishermen the night before. Sourcing truthfully local ingredients that embodied the Ethos of the dinner is always an adventure that I enjoy as much as the evening of the dinners. Some of my very closest friends are those farmers, fishermen and ranchers that I have met on these journeys over the years.

My dinners always start by walking the fields the month prior with the farm staff to see what is in season and what will be ready at the time of the dinner itself. Those walks are the beginning of inspiration for the dinner. On one such walk, we looked ahead for the bread for the event and decided to start our own bread starter out in the fields, feed it up till the event so even the bread had the energy of the farm.

In my world cooking travels, I worked in my youth with some of the brightest stars of the culinary world in France. They were passionate about “Cuisine du Terroir”, where they took the modern cooking techniques and married them with true local ingredients and the history of the area. I still work like this to this day and we have always embraced the foods and cooking of the indigenous peoples of the region with the ingredients of the land , down to the salt from our closest open blue water.

– Chef Paddy Glennon