Nasturtium Gribiche

Nasturtium Gribiche served one a dish.
This recipe was created by Chefs Ryan and Nikki Wilson of Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, California.
6large eggs, hard boiled
1 Tblgreen garlic
1 tsplemon zest
1 Tbllemon juice
2 tspfine sea salt
½ tspfreshly cracked pepper
2 Tblchampagne vinegar
2 tspcapers, finely chopped
2 cups nasturtium leaves, packed
½ cupparsley leaves
2 cups extra virgin olive oil

Peel and rough chop the hard boiled eggs. Place in a large mixing bowl and reserve. Prepare and clean the green garlic by trimming the root end just above the roots and where the stem turns from light green to darker green.

Finely chop the green garlic and place in a medium bowl with the lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, pepper, champagne vinegar, and chopped capers. Allow to macerate for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, clean and prepare the nasturtium leaves by removing the stems and washing them thoroughly, Be sure to harvest the leaves from an area that has not been sprayed with herbicide. Look for the smaller, more tender leaves. 

Finely chop the nasturtium and parsley leaves and place in the blender with 1½ cups of olive oil. Blend on medium speed to incorporate.

Add 1 cup of the herb oil to the bowl of macerating green garlic. Taste for seasoning and balance of oil and acid. This dressing should have a brightness and sharpness to it without being overly pungent.