A prayer for the people of Planet Earth.

“How do we love all the children of all species for all time?” —Bill McDonough, Cradle to Cradle

Our mission at The Ecology Center is to model creative solutions for thriving on planet earth. What I’ve learned over my human journey, and particularly over the last twelve wildly transformative months, is that truly creative solutions must go beyond the familiar. To make the difference required for our planet’s longevity, humankind needs to recalibrate our values at a foundational level.

It sounds, and likely feels, like an overwhelming task. But it’s precisely here where the opportunity for creativity lies. Instead of checking off the boxes on a “sustainable lifestyle” list, it’s about finding ways to give more than you take.

If you’re a banker, how can you center a regenerative ethos in your investment strategy?
If you’re a teacher, how can you build this ethos into your classroom?
If you’re a baker, how can you incorporate this ethos in your storefront and supply chain?

Our work at The Ecology Center stems from an agreement around this ethos: In all our pursuits and endeavors, as much as possible, to do our best to care for this beautiful planet, for all people, sharing our surplus. But even with that agreement in place, the road to a thriving planet won’t be short, smooth or straight. So along the way, can we also agree to see the challenges as opportunities to coalesce as a species toward relationship with this planet, and maybe even with each other?

This is how we get our feet back on the ground.

Naturally, when I think about this, I also think about building the capacity of our core values at The Ecology Center to nurture this agreement:

Learn By Doing — Process-oriented evolution lets us take a step forward every day toward fulfillment of our mission. Plus, it’s a lot more interesting than seeking perfection.

Be Part of the Solution — Along with what we choose each day to eat, wear, and drive, a lifestyle rebuild calls us to find and center alliances and activities that improve on current and future reality.

Collaborate for Change — Change is happening all around us, all the time. Our only choice is whether we play a role in architecting that change.

Be Here Now — Gratitude and presence are the grounding for our next step forward as a human species.

Finally, the invitation within this prayer:

Commitment to this ethic starts with experience. It’s not hard to see the magic and beauty around us, if we just step into it. Go to a place that inspires you–hike up a mountain, take a dip in the ocean, enjoy a meal with your loved ones–and create inspiration toward what can be. And from that inspiration, find one radical action that will move the needle for you, your family, your community.

In Abundance,

P.S. Want to know what radical action feels like? Support our Nourishing Neighbors program, which provides organic produce and pantry basics to food-insecure families in our community.

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