10 Ways To Use A Tubtrug

Tubtrug holds large romanesco
The Ecology Center advocates simple solutions to conserve water and reimagine our relationship to this precious resource.

One of our very favorite tools for change? The Tubtrug, a sturdy-handled bucket that is a water-wise gardener’s favorite companion. The abundance of rainfall in Southern California this year is an invitation to truly harvest the rain. But no matter where you live, a Tubtrug can come in handy. Here’s how to put this tool to good use:

1. Reimagine Rinse Water
Cleaning dishes by hand with biodegradable soap? A Tubtrug in the kitchen sink collects rinse water that you can reuse to nourish your garden.

2. Harvest Vegetables
Carry a Tubtrug at your side as you gather your garden harvest.

3. Mix Soil
Use your Tubtrug to mix together the core components of a nutrient-rich soil.

4. Store Equipment
Stash gardening tools such as hand spades and gloves in your trusty Tubtrug.

5. Collect Cold Shower Water
As your shower warms up, use a Tubtrug to collect cold water that you can then use to water your garden or houseplants!

6. Shop The Farmers’ Market
Short on reusable bags? A sturdy Tubtrug is great for stowing your seasonal haul when you shop the farmers’ market.

7. Carry Materials
Whether you are organizing a community art project or coordinating a workday at the local garden, a Tubtrug is a simple way to carry materials across sites.

8. Hand Wash Laundry
Use biodegradable laundry detergent to wash clothes by hand.

9. Hold Mulch
A Tubtrug helps with the heavy lifting when you’re mulching your garden, creating compost, and carrying soil to refill beds.

10. Container Garden
Convert a Tubtrug into a miniature thriving garden!