Milpa Music Festival July 29/30

Come down to the farm for a weekend of fun and flavor, relaxation and inspiration, as we express our gratitude for the legacy of this land.

“Together these plants—corn, beans, and squash—feed the people, feed the land, and feed our imaginations, telling us how we might live.”

–Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Person smiles as the serve beans out of a large pot.
People gather under the string lights listening to live music.

Milpa Music Festival explores the magic of the season with a special focus on the ancient polyculture of corn, beans, and squash. Practiced by Indigenous farmers and land stewards for thousands of years, the milpa is the original expression of regenerative agriculture. Just as importantly, the milpa is a living demonstration of how interdependence creates abundance for all.

Band performs at night with The Ecology Center rainbow lit behind them.

Along with the season’s unique flavors, colors, textures, and scents, this year’s Milpa festival will focus on the rhythm of the earth. Along with farm-fresh food, and interactive art projects, our Milpa festival will feature performances by local musical acts who share our passionate commitment to the environment, sustainable agriculture, and food security.


Who is playing the Milpa Music Fest?
We have a variety of bands from Southern California who are passionate about changing our future of food. You can click on each one above to listen to a sample of their musical stylings.

Is this a family friendly event?
Of course, we welcome children of all ages.

Will there be food and drinks?
Yes! We’ll have non-alcoholic farm fresh beverages, as well as an adult tasting room with various beverage options.

Can I come and go?
Yes, your day entry is good for all or any portion of the day. You can exit and re-enter.

Can I camp at the farm?
Unfortunately not. But you are welcome to attend both days, as there will be a completely different band lineup.

Can I bring my dog?
Also unfortunately not, as there will be a crowd and we’d hate for your pet to be scared and do something they’d regret.

Can I smoke at the farm?
No thank you.


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Please contact us if interested in sponsorship opportunities.