Happiness and health are the heart and soul of our Junior Farm Raised program designed for children ages 5 and 6 years old and participating parents.

Envision a playful community of young learners engaging with an environment curated specifically with their developmental journey in mind. Our “Junior Farm Raised” program is created to hold space for the unique journey from preschool to the school-aged years, while incorporating parents to connect and collaborate on how to best honor children at this stage in their life.

A line of children explore the farm.
A childrens hands hold multi-colored seeds.

In a busy world where we are often looking ahead to what’s coming next, the farm invites us to dwell in the season we are in. We adults are invited to slow down, to be present and follow the lead of our children, and to connect deeply with ourselves, others, and the earth.

This is such a special time for children as they begin to expand into their personal identity, exercise greater independence, form and maintain close friendships, seek out more challenging work with real tools, and begin to build a positive relationship with mark-making and meaningful print. Daily rhythms may include:

  • Morning Song
  • Farm Work
  • Snack
  • Handwork
  • Free Play
  • Culinary Preparation
  • Farm Fresh Lunch Option @ Noon
  • Afternoon Electives (optional)

Electives are centered around supervised meaningful work, such as processing plants for fiber dye, whittling, and making music together.

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