What is Agroecology?

Person backlit as they harvest from a row of produce.

As our work at The Ecology Center expands, we are being asked more and more, “What exactly is agroecology?”

Certified Regenerative Organic

Chickens and coop.

If you’ve been part of The Ecology Center village for even a short time, you’ve probably heard the term “regenerative organic” floating around. The term refers to a style of farming that reaches beyond the bounds of “organic.”

Chef in Residence Note 1

Chef in residence Tim Byres first note from his culinary residency, HEARTH, at The Ecology Center.

Bean Toast a la Josh McFadden

Bean Toast

Inspired by Josh McFadden’s beans on toast recipe, this simple, savory dish showcases just how great shell beans can be when done right.

Farmer Johnny Update

As we move into the cooler, darker time of year the farm’s crops take a decided turn towards the leaf and the root. As the cold, dry air that we’ve been experiencing settles into our valley, the crispness of the air translates into a sweetness for the cold loving crops we grow on the farm this time of year.

DIY Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

Rain water is the best kind of water. We must learn how to harvest it. In doing so, we reduce storm water runoff and provide high quality irrigation water. Plus, because the majority of Southern California’s water use goes to the garden, harvesting the rain will significantly reduce your utility bills! Best of all? It happens to be free.