This Year’s Green Feast Is About Breaking Boundaries

People raising glasses to cheers at dinner table.
Each year, we invite our entire Village to join us for Green Feast, a celebration of our collective accomplishments and our vision of an abundant future.

We gather to share an intentionally crafted meal that highlights the bounty of our farm, as well as the company of more than 200 friends, partners, and supporters.

Every Green Feast has been memorable and impactful in its own way, but this year’s celebration promises to cross brand-new boundaries. Our 2022 Green Feast chefs—Javier Plascencia, Brian Malarkey, Claudia Sandoval, and Tara Monsod—represent the highest expression of our bioregion’s agricultural heritage. With multiple restaurants, media appearances and accolades among them, these chefs have put the flavors of our bioregion on the map while maintaining an ecological and social integrity that is rare in the culinary world. Their participation in Green Feast shows how this ecological food movement grows capacity through relationships.

Along with welcoming a record number of chefs for Green Feast, we’ll also be hosting more guests than ever before. The remarkable growth of our Village over the past year gives us hope for equally remarkable impact, as we collectively generate the resources necessary to drive our work forward. It’s only through the investment of our community that we’re able to sustain our efforts in land stewardship, education, and cultural change.

With yet another year of profound development and significant progress nearly behind us, we realized that this year’s Green Feast is less about supporting a specific project or initiative, and more about nourishing the movement as a whole. Our strength as an organization has always been in our interconnectedness. The model Village we’ve built is one of the most incredible working examples of an ecologically driven community that exists, yet we can never call it complete. A living village, just like a living organism or a living movement, continues to grow and change. The investment of our community in things like regenerative organic agriculture or a living wage for farmers give us a platform to mentor the next generation, from up-and-coming farmers and culinary professionals to schoolchildren and those even younger. From our Farm Apprentice program to our Microgreens class for infants and toddlers, we are committed to training the next generation of changemakers, land stewards, and ecological advocates. Our ability to build capacity for the future depends on our success in changing hearts and minds for the health of the planet. Nourishment is how we plant the seeds of cultural transformation. By guiding our community toward sustainable consumption through channels like the Farm Stand, Nourishing Neighbors, and our soon-to-open Campesino Café, we are putting the culture back into agriculture.

This is what Green Feast is all about: recognizing the hard work of this dynamic, diverse group of people while renewing our commitment to the work and to each other. We are humbled and inspired by this opportunity to gather our region’s true advocates of change and connect over our vision for an abundant future.