The Kids Are All RAD!

children holding bouquets of flowers over their heads
Being a steward of the land means being a student of the land. Each season that passes invites us to deepen our relationship through closer study of the soil, the native plant life, the birds and insects, and of course, the crops we tend.

girl striking flint to start a fireThis winter, we’ve welcomed a new generation of students to join us for Rad! Traditions, our after-school program that offers a holistic experience of the land through the lens and tools of the farmer, the chef and the artist.

Winter is a time of reflection, thoughtfulness, and gratitude, and our Rad! Traditions Fireside Project is an embodiment of those themes. In each 5-week session, young people aged 5 to 14 come together in age appropriate groups to explore the magic of the season on the farm. In the fields, participants work with delicious winter crops like butternut squash, kale, broccoli and more. They also get to learn about the critical process of planting cover crop, replenishing the soil that gave vital nutrients to our last rotation of veggies.

child making clay pottery

In the kitchen, young folks are given a hands-on introduction to basic cooking skills before getting a crash-course in the more specialized practice of fermentation, learning about how we can take excess produce today and turn it into delicious pantry items that last well beyond the current season. And finally, in the studio, participants express themselves through hand carvings and vibrant textile art that they can take home and share with their families.

“We believe that childhood is a sacred time for developing a relationship with planet Earth. By incorporating nature study with farming practices, cooking classes, fine art and traditional crafts, we can nourish the next generation of changemakers with the values and practices that lead to lasting abundance.”

group of children making tortillas