Taste Festival

Fridays and Saturdays
April 15 – May 14
from 10am – 3pm


The Ecology Center is celebrating the colorful abundance of spring with our new festival, TASTE: Eat The Rainbow, and our seasonal strawberry U-Pick! Designed for families to enjoy an immersive, multi-sensory experience of art, music, flavor and fun, TASTE: Eat The Rainbow is the perfect way to embrace the most vibrant season and savor the fruits of our bioregion.

When you arrive at our 28-acre Regenerative Organic Certified™ farm, you will become part of a rainbow of biological and cultural diversity. We will ground ourselves in appreciation for the land and its people, then learn from farmers and craftspeople about our local ecology and community at our three GROW – EAT – MAKE stations, enjoying the delicious flavors of spring along the way.

TASTE: Eat The Rainbow offers more than a simple opportunity to pick and enjoy fruit in the field—it invites us all to more deeply appreciate seasonality and the land that gives us life. Capacity for this special event is limited, so sign up today to immerse yourself in the magic of spring!

Grow: Where the Farm Begins

The story of the rainbow starts with our seeds, soil, and farmers. First, one of our farmers will guide your hands through an exploration of healthy soil and tiny seeds—how can something so small create the rainbow of diversity we see on the land? The seeds are a paintbrush for the farm, and our farmers are the artists, coloring the land with flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. From there, you will learn more about our Village, and the people who care for the seeds on their journey to becoming the robust fruits and vegetables that eventually land on your plate.

Eat: The Rainbow Table

You’ve sown the abundance and now it is time to taste what has grown! Join us at the community table for a rainbow meal. This station is a celebration of the diverse spring harvest—all of the vibrant, delicious ingredients that thrive in our bioregion during this season. Your chef guide will serve you tastes from the farm in rainbow colors. All you have to do is be daring enough to enjoy the full spectrum of delights.

Make: Weaving the Abundance

When we work together, we bring our different colors and unique personalities to weave the tapestry of the village. What color are you, and how do you fit into the rainbow of diversity on our amazing planet? In our MAKE station, you will experience the dance of spring and use your movement to bring the rainbow to life.


After completing the GROW – EAT – MAKE stations, the fields are open to pick strawberries! Strawberry season U-Pick has been a tradition on this land for over 25 years, and we are honored to uphold this region’s agricultural heritage. Grab your baskets and let the strawberry scavenger hunt begin!

*Strawberries are not included with your TASTE ticket and will be sold by the pound.

To begin your TASTE experience, please meet 10 minutes before your start time in the courtyard behind the Farm House. Parking is available in the lot behind our barn, and if there are no more spots, overflow parking is available on Del Obispo Street. Please hold onto your belongings, we are not responsible for anything lost. Should you lose something, contact us at [email protected], and we’ll do our best to locate it.


Q: When will TASTE: Eat The Rainbow begin?

A: TASTE: Eat The Rainbow will launch April 15th and 16th. Fridays we will be hosting field trips and Saturdays will be open to the public.

Q: Can we participate in U-Pick without attending TASTE: Eat The Rainbow?

A: Depending on berry availability, we may allow stand-alone U-Picks. For now, it’s recommended to sign up for TASTE: Eat The Rainbow if you’d like to participate in Orange County’s only organic strawberry U-Pick opportunity. We will also offer U-Pick events for Farm Stand and Farm Share members during the week.

Q: How long will TASTE: Eat The Rainbow last?

A: We’ll be holding TASTE: Eat The Rainbow every Saturday from April 16th through May 21st! Our May 21st event will be held in the evening in partnership with Boochcraft and will be a grown-up-only version of the festival.

Q: How much are strawberries from U-Pick?

A: Our organic strawberries will be weighed once you are done picking and sold for $6 per pound.