Stuffed Tempura Squash Blossoms

Stuffed Tempura Squash Blossoms on a platter with dipping sauce.
Each part of a summer squash can be saved and savored with this recipe by our friend Chef David Pratt.
10 squash blossoms
½ gallonwhole milk
⅓ cuplemon juice
1 tspsalt
2 cupsrice flour
2 cups wheat flour
2 Tblbaking powder
½ Tblsalt
carbonated water
marinara sauce to serve

Squash blossoms can be sourced from local farms, some mercatos, or specialty produce stores. Carefully remove stamen before using.

ricotta cheese: Bring the milk to 190°F, add lemon juice, continue to warm to 200°F, remove and let sit for 20 minutes, strain into cheesecloth, drain and chill. 

tempura squash blossoms: Combine the dry ingredients, whisk in enough water to make a batter with cream sauce consistency. Use a pastry bag to fill the flowers with cheese. Dredge into batter and fry in 350°F hot oil. Once the batter has a golden color, remove and place on absorbent towels. Salt and serve with marinara sauce.

Optionally, chop up a variety of delicate herbs (tarragon, dill, chives, basil) and add to cheese before stuffing.