Spring Field Kit

At The Ecology Center, we believe that experiencing nature is essential to our health and well-being.

With our usual programming on pause, we created the Field Kit to serve as a “farm field trip in a box.” Packed with all the elements of our children’s farm tours, including just-harvested seasonal produce, recipes, coloring pages, activity ideas, and more, the Field Kit is a celebration of what makes each season special. Perfect as a family activity or a tool to help with homeschooling, each box brings the beauty and bounty of nature into your home.

Our Spring Field Kit celebrates our favorite flavor of the season: strawberries! Your box contains a pint of the regenerative organic berries we grow on the farm, as well as seasonal recipes created by our culinary team, including strawberry lemonade, blue cornbread and fresh garden salad. This season’s Field Kit also offers a nice complement to our upcoming festival, TASTE: Strawberry.

In addition to strawberries, our Spring Field Kit highlight a variety of seasonal themes including:

Celebration — The world is bursting with color and life. Field Kit encourages participants to spend time outside and enjoy the beauty of spring. 

Birds — If strawberries are the taste of the season, songbirds are the sound. Learn to identify the birds migrating back to our region from their winter escape.

Earth Care — As we celebrate all that the Earth shares with us, we’re inspired to think about how we can take good care of it in return.

Available in both English and Spanish editions, our brand-new Spring Field Kit can be easily accessed through our Farm Share page—Field Kits are listed with other Pantry add-ons, and can be picked up along with your Harvest Box.

You can also donate a Field Kit to another local family so that more of our neighbors can share in the abundance of the season.


Our Spring Field Kit includes:
The Ecology Center Blue Cornbread Mix
Lettuce Mix or Head
Fresh Strawberries
Green Onion or Garlic
Sunflower Planting Kit


And don’t forget to show us how the Field Kit inspired your springtime celebration! Send a photo of you and your family enjoying the recipes and activities to [email protected], or share on Instagram with the hashtag #FarmShareFieldKit