Seed Connection

Deepen your relationship with seeds and join us in our seed and soil lab for Seed Connection!

Every Saturday morning 9am-10am

Join us in our seed and soil lab for Seed Connection. Seed Connection is our free weekly offering open to anyone of any age in our community.

This weekly workshop is for deepening your relationship with seeds, strengthening your knowledge about seasonal gardening, and connecting with the community over shared values to care for the planet. We will explore the seldom-told story of seeds and the different varieties we grow at the farm. Together, we will learn the art of saving seeds through the seasons, check out indigenous, drought-resistant, and heirloom seeds, and become better stewards of our own seed banks at home. We will work together to learn how to grow food in the right season, learn how to plan our own crops, and share resources and stories from our own backyards.

Anyone is free to join one time or every week. We hope you make it a regular part of your weekend! We look forward to nurturing our seed friends and community and begin creating an alliance of seed savers in our region.

Seed Connection will also host a quarterly seed swap and exchange where we will all come together to share, swap, pass, and enjoy! This is open to anyone who has joined a Seed Connection Saturday or anyone in the community looking for interesting varieties to grow!  This will also be a time to pause and reflect on all we have learned in Seed Connection and celebrate the seasonal abundance.