Each week, The Ecology Center welcomes our community to feast on the bounty of our bioregion.

Every Thursday & Saturday, 11am-2pm or until we sell out.

Gather at the table with us to enjoy a vibrant farm-to-table meal, just steps away from where most of the ingredients were grown.

Thanks to the efforts of our culinary team, we’ve obtained a legendary sourdough starter that comes all the way from Italy. Passed down through generations of Italian pizza chefs for over 100 years, this starter has brought new life (literally and metaphorically) to our crowd-favorite sourdough pizza crust. After mixing this starter with organic flour and water, we ferment the dough for over 20 hours to break down the nutrients for optimum bioavailability. Stretched thin, sauced up, and smothered in freshly harvested produce from our farm, this crispy, airy crust is a seriously good chew. Salads and refreshments are offered as well and pizzas are first come, first served so get here early!