Slow down, be present, and build grounded, mindful connections with your little ones.

Recognizing that early childhood is a sacred time for nurturing the next generation, we welcome all families to join us for our one-of-a-kind Microgreens program. Inspired by the seasonal rhythms that guide our life here on the farm, this 12-week series of parent-child classes is designed to provide the ideal ecosystem to support our growing children.

Babies and children up to age six, together with their parents and caregivers, will gather in our beautifully designed Children’s Garden to spend time in nature while enjoying the nourishment and support of our community. Drawing from our GROW-EAT-MAKE-PEACE ethos, each class will introduce games, music, studies, and other group activities, as well as individual time for families to explore nature while building conscious connection with each other. Parents will be invited to share their experience and insight as we celebrate the joys and challenges that come with raising young children in today’s world.

Program Details:

Each class will meet every week beginning March 6th – June 1st.

To enroll, send an email to [email protected] with your name and the age and name of your child. We’ll guide you through the process.

Programs offered:

Mondays, Ages 4 to 6 (Spring Blossoms 1-day) $495

Tuesdays, Ages 3 to 4 (Spring Buds) $495

Wednesdays & Thursdays, Ages 4 to 6 (Spring Blossoms 2-day) $990

Fridays, Babies & Toddlers (Seeds and Sprouts 9am) $330

Fridays, Babies & Toddlers (Seeds and Sprouts 11am) $330

Class size: 16 parent-child pairs per class

Seeds and Sprouts Sample Itinerary:

• Arrival, greeting songs

• Parent sharing

• Weekly discussion topic

• Free movement and nature play

• Closing song and game circle

Sprouts Class Sample Itinerary:

• Arrival, greeting songs

• Game circle

• Child-led play and free exploration of the Children’s Garden

• Closing story

• Families are welcome to enjoy lunch in the Garden after class ends


• To help us cultivate mindful presence with our children, parents and caregivers will be invited to place phones in a basket at the Children’s Garden entrance, where they will be kept safe for the duration of the class.

• To help us maintain a peaceful environment for our youngest babies, we ask that parents refrain from bringing older siblings to the Seeds class. If you would like to attend with both your baby and your toddler, we recommend enrolling in the Sprouts class.

• There will likely be less opportunity for formal group discussion in the Sprouts class than in Seeds, as babies transform into mobile and curious toddlers. Sprouts will still host a weekly reading and discussion; however, participants should prepare for more spontaneous, one-on-one conversation to take place as we focus on holding space for the children to explore and learn.