Lemon Verbena Gelato

Lemon Verbena Gelato in a bowl.
This recipe was created by our friends, Chef Ryan and Nikki Wilson and can be found in our Community Table Cookbook.
2 cupscream
2 cupsmilk
1 cupegg yolks
¾ cupsugar
1 pintlemon verbena leaves, loosely packed
berries or edible flowers, such as borage or
calendula, as decorations

Set up an ice bath and have an instant-read thermometer available. 

Combine half cream and half milk in saucepot. Heat dairy mixture until simmering around the edges. Just before dairy is simmering, whisk together sugar and yolks in a bowl until a smooth ribbon consistency. Temper the yolk mixture with the dairy mixture by pouring a small amount of the warm dairy into the yolk mixture and then adding that back to the dairy on the stove. Anglaise, or cook to 180°F, being careful not to make scrambled eggs. Add remaining dairy to cool mixture, strain and cool in ice bath.

Add mixture to your ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions. Serve with Golen Beet Genoise Cake decorated with
edible flowers.