Identifying Cucumbers

With so many cucumbers coming off the farm, we thought we’d give you a micro Cucumber Field Guide for identifying all the heirloom varietals we’re growing.

Lemon Cucumbers – These cucumbers look like lemons but taste sweet and bright and are nice raw or pickled. Yellow and round, with a thin skin and more seeds the later they’re picked in the season. 

Boothby Blonde Cucumbers – Squat and plump with a creamy yellow skin, these cucumbers are sweet and delicate with a modest amount of seeds.

Marketmore or Dasher Cucumbers – With a thick, dark green skin, this one of the more recognizable varietals that’s slightly sweet and refreshing when chilled. This is your classic slicer good for all of your cucumber needs. 

Row 7 Experimental Cucumber – A green, thick-skinned slicer with big flavors, this experimental variety brings new flavor to the world of cucumbers. 

Painted Serpent Cucumber – Also known as a Striped Armenian, this old heirloom produces a long, slender fruit that delicately coils. This is our favorite for its taste, texture and look. 

Pickling Cucumbers – Usually short and bumpy, their skin ranges from yellow to dark green, they’re crunchy and flavorful, making them great raw or pickled.