Green Beans with Soy Sauce and Lemon Basil

This snappy, sweet, Asian-inspired veggie dish is a perfect appetizer or afternoon snack.
2/3 lbgreen beans
1/2 bunchscallions
Zest of1 lemon
Juice of1 lemon
1 tspsoy sauce or tamari
1/2 bunchlemon basil, extra leaves on top
20 slicespickled jalapeño (optional)
5 slicespreserved eggplant (optional)
2 tbspgrated sharp cheddar cheese (optional)

Serves 3-4

Slice scallions on a bias (diagonal slices), then dice the pickled jalapeno and add both to a large bowl. Into the same bowl, zest and juice the lemon, and and add tamari. Mix and let sit. 

Heat sauté pan on medium-high heat, then add olive oil. Once the oil is hot, add the beans and cook until they get color on one side. Then flip and repeat (the second side will take less time). The goal is to get color on the outside but prevent the beans from getting soft and mushy.

Add beans directly from the pan to the bowl with scallions, lemon, soy, and jalapeño. Tear lemon basil leaves off the stem, then add to the bowl and mix. Place preserved eggplant and grate cheese on top. Top with extra basil leaves.