Create Plant-Based Textile Art with Our New Natural Dye Kit

Kristin Morrison holding flowers
Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to share a new offering in collaboration with textile artist Kristin Morrison of All Species, a regenerative textile arts and design studio.

A longtime friend of The Ecology Center, Kristin has hosted a number of textile workshops at the farm that reveal another aspect of the nourishment provided by this land. Using native plants, soil, and other artifacts from the land, Kristin leads students in crafting unique textiles that not only beautify our homes and bodies, but also guide our understanding of how to build relationship with this land.

Kristin founded All Species as an expression of what it means to be connected to Earth, each other, and all species on the planet. As much an art project as a clothing label, All Species explores regionally relevant plants and fibers that create color and cloth as a means of investigating the potential to create regenerative garments and textiles.

Kristin Morrison harvesting flowers for plant dye.

“The slow food movement and the slow fashion movement are analogous, given that the materials are plants and animals,” says Kristin. “Therefore, the way we farm for food and for textiles is of equal gravity. What we use to dye our garments is as relevant to our bodily health as it is to the health of our earth.”

Based on her popular natural dyeing workshops, Kristin has curated a natural dye kit using the wide variety of flowers grown on our Regenerative Organic Certified farm. Each kit is packed with a selection of dried flowers grown on the farm that can be processed into a rich, nuanced natural dye that turns plain cloth into a plant-based work of art. Along with the dye flowers, the kit includes a mordant (dye fixative), an organic cotton tea towel, and an instructional video with Kristin guiding you through each step of the process.

Natural Dye Kit laying in bed of yarrow flowers.

Perfect for holiday gifting or just a fun family project, this “workshop in a jar” is an opportunity to channel your inner artist by playing with plants. If you haven’t been able to visit The Ecology Center for a workshop in a while, this natural dye kit also offers a chance to reconnect with the beauty of the land we share. It’s a new form of nourishment that everyone in our Village should experience. Best of all, it results in a beautiful work of plant-based art that you can treasure at home…or, better yet, share with a friend as an inspiring symbol of our regenerative movement.

Join us in this fun creative collaboration that evolves the conversation about how our everyday processes and practices can help us love all children of ALL SPECIES for all time