COVID 19 Dairy Shortage

You may notice a change in your peace pizza this week – no mozzarella cheese. COVID-19 has impacted the dairy supply chain just as it has impacted so many industries.

Cooking at home more frequently, people have become increasingly concerned with the quality of products they consume – which is great news. For producers like Rumiano Cheese, who provide the delicious mozzarella we serve on our Peace Pizzas, this means individual demand for organic cheese has outpaced near term capacity. While we could search elsewhere to find a replacement, it would be difficult to match Rumiano’s quality and commitment to regenerative practices. What makes Peace Pizza special is that each ingredient is thoughtfully sourced – if not directly from our fields, from a supplier committed to building a better food system. The reality is, suppliers like this are rare and the current state of our food system is fragile.  

We don’t build a better food system by ignoring this fragility and covering up gaps. We build a better food system by consciously supporting those committed to it and adapting to what they can sustainably supply. When we do this, our food system grows less fragile and more resilient because it reinforces a foundation of sustainability. In the coming weeks, that means our pizzas may be a little different. A little less cheese and more emphasis on our delicious farm tomatoes preserved in the summer to bring us abundance throughout the winter. When Rumiano mozzarella is back, it will be back on our pizzas. Until then, we will become more creative cooks and more informed eaters!