Brandade Toasts

Brandade Toasts on a dish.
This recipe was created by our friend, Chef Jennifer Sherman. You can find her recipe in our Community Table Cookbook.
8 ozfresh halibut, cod, or equivalent
5 TBSkosher salt
2fresh bay leaves
4sprigs of fresh thyme
½ cup milk
4cloves garlic
1medium russet potato
4 TBSheavy cream
¼ TBSextra virgin olive oil
black pepper
levain or other slightly sour bread

Cure Fish: Remove fish bones. Pat fish all over with salt and place in glass or porcelain dish with bay leaves and thyme. Cover well, refrigerate for 3 days.

Prepare Brandade: Rinse refrigerated fish in cold water to remove excess salt. Rinse and keep bay leaf and thyme. Place the rinsed fish, herbs, milk, and garlic cloves along with 1 cup water in a pan the right size so that the fish is mostly submerged. Carefully bring to a simmer and let cook gently for 30 minutes or until the fish is done and begins to flake. Remove from heat and let sit. Boil peeled and chunked potatoes without salt. In a stand mixer, combine cooked fish, potatoes, two or more cooked garlic cloves, and a small amount of cooking liquid. Beat the mixture on low speed until combined. Add cream, olive oil, and fresh ground black pepper with the mixer running until the brandade is smooth and then fluffy.

Serve: Spread brandade in an oiled baking dish. Cook in a 400°F oven until the top is golden brown and heated through, about 15 minutes. Toast thinly sliced levain or other slightly sour bread in the oven, toaster, or over a fire. Drizzle olive oil and rub once-over with a clove of garlic. Serve assembled or separate.