Blood Orange Sherbet with Candied Kumquats

Blood Orange Sherbet with candied kumquats.
This vibrant dessert is a simple recipe that highlights the citrus family.
4 cups blood orange juice, freshly squeezed
1 tspgrated peel from the oranges
(grate the peel before juicing)
½ – ¾ cupsugar
½lemon, juice of, if needed
½ lbkumquats
1 cupwater
1 cup sugar

This sherbet can be made with any seasonal citrus which has lots of acidity. Blood oranges are perfect because they are naturally sweet and acidic and they have a beautiful color and the aroma of berries.

sherbet: Place 1 cup of the juice along with the sugar in a non-reactive saucepan. Heat just to warm to dissolve the sugar, stirring to help it dissolve. In a non-reactive bowl, combine this mixture with the remaining juice and the grated peel. Taste and adjust as necessary with more sugar or a bit of lemon juice. It should taste a little sweeter than you like, as sugar taste diminishes once frozen. Chill the sherbet mixture completely in the refrigerator and then freeze in an ice cream freezer. You can also freeze this like a granita by placing it in a shallow baking dish in the freezer. Stir and then scrape the mixture regularly as it freezes to break up the crystals and make the mixture homogenous. Once frozen, place the sherbet/granita into a pre-chilled container in the freezer. 

kumquats: Heat sugar and water to dissolve the sugar, making a simple syrup. With a sharp paring knife, slice the kumquats into ¼ inch slices, removing the seeds as you go. Place into the syrup and bring to a simmer, cooking until the kumquats are tender and translucent. Let cool to room temperature. 

Serve a scoop of the sherbet with a few kumquat slices on top.