Training and equipping future farmers who aspire to change our local food system.

The Ecology Center is committed to training the next generation of farmers, chefs, and food system changemakers to lead our culture toward a future of abundance.

Apprentice stands in field of lettuce.
Apprentices plants seedlings into the ground.

Our goal is to help foster regenerative organic farms and purveyors throughout our region of Orange County and beyond, while training the agricultural leaders of tomorrow.

Our Apprenticeship Program is a full-time, 8 month, paid position. For 2024, we will have three Market Garden apprentices on the farm from March through October. Below you will find the duties and responsibilities of our apprentices:


Market Gardens, small scale farm operations, are integral to building a healthy, local food system. Most aspiring young farmers in Southern California often do not have access to large swaths of land due to urban sprawl, real estate costs, and diminishing farmland. There are, however, significant amounts of land with one to five acre parcels in urban and suburban spaces that have the potential of becoming a sustainable local food source for communities in Orange County and beyond. Our Market Garden Apprenticeship is an ongoing initiative to mentor the next generation to create meaningful agribusinesses out of human scale agriculture operations.


Tasks include:

• Using soil-building techniques such as crop rotation, cover cropping, amending, and composting

• Learning and managing our irrigation systems and water conservation practices

• Using hand tools, broadforks, walk-behind tractors, collinear hoes, and more

• Co-leading weekly plantings and harvests

• Post-harvest handling such as wash-and-pack and cooler management

• Organic management of pests, disease, and weeds

• Various tasks such as seed saving, crop planning, and tractor work

The Kirstie Hibbard Scholarship Fund 
Honoring the life of Kirstie Hibbard through the mentoring of the next generation of farmers.

If you are interested in funding this mentorship, please contact [email protected]