Plant an Herb Garden

Create a container garden with useful herbs and attract local insects and birds to your kitchen windowsill. Grow your own and harvest rather than buy your daily supply of medicine and flavor!

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If you’ve never planted a garden before, an herb garden is the perfect place to start. Herbs are some of the easiest to plants to grow and maintain. Plus, they can be used for just about anything - to flavor food and drink, make tea, make salves and tincture, and treat whatever ails you. Grab a container, soil, and seeds and in a short time you can harvest useful herbs from outside your kitchen window!

Materials and Tools

  • Container
  • Planting or potting soil
  • Perlite
  • Seed or seedlings
  • Trowel


  1. Choose you desired herbs either from seed or starter plants. Basil, cilantro, sage and thyme are easy to grow indoors. If you’re wanting multiple types in one container - make sure they have similar water and light requirements.
  2. Choose a container. Almost any box, bin, can, pot, drum, or basket capable of holding soil will work.
  3. Add organic soil to your container and sow seeds as directed
  4. Position the container in the kitchen on a sunny, south-facing windowsill. If there’s no sun, a fluorescent light will do.
  5. Provide enough water so the soil is moist, but not damp, to the touch.

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