The Ecology Center Guided Tour - January

Join us for a free, docent-led guided tour of The Ecology Center house and grounds. Explore The Eco-Labs and engage in ways you can help create a healthier, more sustainable future.

We are an environmental educational center whose purpose is to engage the entire family in fun, hands-on activities that teach practical, environmental solutions. Our goal is to inspire positive change to the environment of Southern California.

This docent-led tour will begin with our historic home, built by pony express rider Joel Congdon in 1878. Browse our Tools for Change shop with ecologically minded resources and products. Engage with sustainable solutions in The Eco-Labs, our outdoor interpretive learning stations in the areas of water, food, waste, shelter and energy!

What can you do you in The Eco-Labs?

- Explore how to use water better with catchment and greywater systems in The Water-Lab!

- See what's growing in The Food-Lab and go on a scavenger hunt inside The Food Shed!

- Reduce waste and feed the chickens in The Waste-Lab!

- Build your own shelter and explore the mediterranean food forest in The Shelter-Lab!

- Understand how the sun's energy can meet our needs in The Energy-Lab!

Join us and experience why we were awarded the "Best Eco-Friendly Field Trip" in Orange County by Coast Magazine!

Before you leave, visit our neighbor and your local farmer at South Coast Farms. Buy locally grown, organic, seasonal produce.

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About the Program

Field trips, Grow Your Own school gardens, assemblies, camps, and curricula provide eco-education to youth scholars.

The Eco-Labs at The Ecology Center are outdoor interpretive stations with tools and activities provide systems-thinking, ecologically relevant, hands-on education through interactive explorations of what our ecosystems are and how we can live to improve them. Focusing in the areas of Water, Food, Waste, Energy, and Shelter, The Ecology Center offers tours, field trips, content, and curriculum toolkits. Educators and students can engage with ecology in fun, hands-on ways that also satisfy the California State Standards for Science.

The Eco-Labs are funded in part by Hurley International and Chipotle's Cultivate Foundation.

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Event Location

  • The Ecology Center
  • 32701 Alipaz St.
  • San Juan Capsistrano, 92675
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32701 Alipaz St. San Juan Capistrano, 92675
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