Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Create sustainable water-based systems. Learn about the history, aquatic plant and animal relationships, guilds, system design needs and more

This lecture is offered to paid participants of the 2013 Eco-Apprentices: Permaculture Design Course. Due to remarkable response to this program, we have had to close this lecture to the public as we are beyond capacity.

Aquaculture is a fascinating farming system that can be used to raise fish, crustaceans and other animals in a tank. Similarly, an aquaponics system is used to raise plants. Together, these systems can provide us with sustainably raised plant and animals foods for generations to come! Join us for this lecture to learn more about these systems, their unique history, design needs, plant and animal guilds, components to a healthy system and more.

With our ever increasing population and matching appetite, especially for seafood, our methods of food production must evolve to meet our needs. The only way to meet this need is with farming using aquaculture systems. With a healthy system, we can do this right in our own backyards. Learn how in this lecture.

About the Program

A 3-month permaculture design certification course (Mar-May 2014) exploring topics of food, water, waste, energy, and shelter.

As part of our Backyard Skills initiative, the Eco-Apprentice program seeks to educate and empower leaders in ecological design such that they can engage their own communities to promote the health of the environment. This three month course allows participants the opportunity to explore the five core components of The Ecology Center; Food, Waste, Water, Energy, and Shelter, through the in-depth and expansive lens of Permaculture. 

The course will be proctored by Evan Marks, Founder and Executive Director of The Ecology Center and a certified Permaculture Design Course instructor, having taught over 15 PDC courses in several countries around the world. Also throughout the course, subject experts in their respective fields will join us in leading hands-on workshops and lectures.

This program is supported in part by The Boeing Company, SDG&E, and the Center for Living Peace.

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  • The Ecology Center
  • 32701 Alipaz St.
  • San Juan Capsistrano, 92675
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32701 Alipaz St. San Juan Capistrano, 92675
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